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Welcome to the site of Dottoressa Computer

Hi! My name is Liliana Carrillo, and my business is called Dottoressa Computer. I offer support, maintenance, and services related to computers and the internet. I work both for families and businesses. Until recently, I was working in Lugano, Switzerland. Now, I have moved to Oudenaarde, Belgium, and I am restarting my business here.

I offer the following services and products:  

  • Support and maintenance for computers. Is your computer affected by viruses or spyware? Has it become slow, or does Windows not start anymore? Then I am the person you need! I also offer help with the purchase or installation of programs or hardware, and I give classes, privately or in small groups, for beginners or for advanced users. I work both for private customers and for businesses. Often I can even take care of your computer from distance, over the internet.
  • Internet and publicity. Do you need a website? To promote your business, show your hobby, sell products on-line, set up your political campaign? I make simple, elegant websites at low costs, and I can even teach you how to maintain one yourself. But the Internet offers many more possibilities than websites. I provide integration with Facebook, and get you started with advertisement campaigns using Google and Facebook.
  • Design, personalized products, corporate image. I offer help with the design and production of graphical products. This can be the creation of a corporate image, including the design of a logo or the production of promotional material (business cards, flyers, ...). Or the creation of personalized products, such as calendars, t-shirts, cups, invitation cards, etc. 

For more information, follow the links above, check out some examples, or view my cv.

Or contact me directly:

Liliana Carrillo
BE 0839.466.902

9700 Oudenaarde 

Tel.: +(32) (0) 486 391 396